JAMit is a social radio platform for African music lovers, DJs and radio presenters. With a goal to revolutionize how we listen to radio.

JAMit was created in response to the way we listen to radio today in Africa. When we listen today, we are bombarded with commercials, infomercials and sometimes music that have been paid for to get rotated, these were all irrelevant to our listening experience and forcing us to get used to these patterns

But together we came up JAMit, a social radio platform that will give its listeners the power to control what is being played on the stations. Giving listeners lots of genre choices, social and discovery features that will make listening to radio fun once again and non-interruptive.

So if you want to explore where the future of African radio is going, feel free to come jam with us here on JAMit!

The Team

Stan Agbadugo

Co-founder and CEO

Ike Orizu

Co-founder and CPO